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Rolling on to 2.1

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Another release candidate for The Bug Genie 2.1 has just been released, which should hopefully fix the majority of the upgrade bugs that you have been having.

2.1 is not yet fully complete, as there is still some tidying up to take care of – as well as any other bug reports that people like you find. The main missing component is to further improve the progress tracking, so only 1 save button is necessary to make your changes. Hopefully the upgrade script is fairly stable and resilliant now – so hopefully there won’t be any more fixes to make; but if there are we will hopefully squash those issues now so the final release is rock solid.

RC2 is much more stable compared to RC1, with many issues and bugs fixes, and includes all the fixes in the 2.0.11 release. The final is due out really soon – after which the focus will be on The Bug Genie 3, though the 2.1 branch will continue to be maintained (along with 1 final 2.0 release).


Written by lsproc

March 23, 2010 at 22:47

Posted in The Bug Genie 2

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