What’s next?

Here’s a heads up for whats next with The Bug Genie:

The Bug Genie 2.1
We finally got around to the first release of the 2.1 series with many new features. This can be read in the release notes for this release. So far there have not been many issues, and the current major issue is a problem with UNIX sockets causing errors. We will resolve this and any other issues in 2.1.1.

VCS Integration
A common complaint with the SVN integration module is that it only covers SVN support. A partial rewrite is planned to include support for all popular version control system.

While full support will be included in The Bug Genie 3, since I (personally) require support for another project, the finished module will be released to the public for testing and for anybody to use. Once bugfixes and improvements are collected, the module will be stabalized and fully supported in Version 3. Keep you eye here for further details.

The Bug Genie 3
A new TP came out yesterday containing much improved scrum support, as well as an updated issue viewing screen and a CLI to facilitate installation and eventually full control over the installation. Many other new features and updates are included.

We welcome more contributors to help us add more features and fix bugs – please drop by on IRC to help. Keep your eye out on the blog and news for further updates.

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