Wanted: VCS hooks!

The VCS integration module is progressing nicely, and we are now looking for users to contribute modules for their favourite version control systems.

To finalize the module, we need hooks for the following systems:

  • CVS
  • Subversion (done)
  • Git
  • Github (in progress)
  • Mercurial
  • Bazaar (in progress)

If you have the time, and are able to write a hook for any of these systems, please write a comment if you want to help out. Hooks for systems which are not listed on the above list are welcomed, though we will not release until the above are supported (maybe excluding CVS).

The hook specification is attached to this post, and if there are errors please let me know. If you are working on a hook, please let me know via a comment (so the above list can be updated), though please note that hooks will need to be licensed under version 1.1 of the MPL.

You will likely want a copy of the module for testing purposes. A branch of The Bug Genie 2.1.0 with the module included (replacing SVN integration) can be found in the /branches/vcs_integration directory in the Subversion repository. Refer to the Sourceforge.net project page for further details. If you find any issues with this, they can be filed in the relevant product on the bugtracker. A test release for translators will be made in the near future.

Thanks for your help!

VCS integration specification (issue 2)

VCS integration specification (obsolete)

2 thoughts on “Wanted: VCS hooks!

  1. Unfortunately not due to SourceForge’s setup, where svn hooks can not be manually installed. I believe that this will be changing soon as they move over to a new svn platform which they have mentioned once or twice.

    You may be able to take the svn commit email (which sourceforge does support) and convert that into a call for the script, but that would involve special configuration and probably a helper script, which im afraid I can’t help you with (email systems are not my thing!)

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