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One of our main focuses during development of v3 is how we can make life easier for those of our users wanting to extend and customize The Bug Genie to fit their special needs, and those that want to create public modules and contribute them back. During the alpha2 -> alpha3 development cycle, we’ve put quite some effort into making life easier for you.


Much documentation has been written and is available inside The Bug Genie itself, helping you on your development path. We’ve created many pages with lots of code samples for everything from how to create basic pages, how to extend and alter the default behaviour, to explaining the module subsystem, events and the framework itself. We’ll add more, but in the next alpha, we’re hoping to receive feedback on these parts as well.

Development tools

In addition, we’ve added some tools to our cli client, such as commands to generate empty modulesstart with – and to easily manage modules, such as installation, configuration and removal. We hope this will also make development easier.


We’re making a concentrated effort trying to create an application that lets you customize it to fit completely into your intranet, webpage or application suite, and everything from the header and footer templates, main pages, menus, links, styling, etc is customizable. Feel free to test this, and report back any non-customizable parts you may find – or suggest way the customization can be made simpler.


Written by Daniel André

August 20, 2010 at 14:04

Posted in The Bug Genie 3.0

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