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Version 3 alpha 3 tips and tricks

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For those of you reading this blog, I thought I’d mention a few tips and tricks when using the recently released version 3 alpha 3

  • Linking to issues:
    There are several ways you can link to existing issues when writing text. All text content fields (issue descriptions, comments, article contents, etc) are automatically parsed by the smart parser and will look for several things to generate issue links. Examples (don’t include the quotes, they are only there to show the examples):
    <issue type> #issue_number” – Similar to what’s shown in the issue header, any valid issue type name followed by a pound sign (#) and the number will be transformed into a link
    bug/ticket/story/issue/task #issue_number” – Any of the five variations followed by the issue number will be transformed into an issue linkIn the examples above, the pound sign (#) is always optional, and if you have a prefixed project, you would use the prefixed issue number (without pound sign): ex. MYPROJ-1
  • Custom issue fields
    Several new custom issue field types have been added, such as input boxes, input areas and more. Check out the custom fields configuration section for more information, and make sure you assign it to an issue type in the issue type configuration section to be able to use it 😉
  • Quick todo-lists
    Use the new search layouts in the search page. The “Todo-list with progress indicator” is a custom search result layout that shows a todo-list with progress indicator and a red/green block for open/closed issues, nicely grouped per milestone.
  • Scrum planning
    We’re working hard to make our project planning tools top-notch. One of these tools is the scrum planning page. Go to project settings, enable “Scrum planning” and use the new “Scrum”-tab available in the project menu strip. If you can’t see the scrum tab, go to the project dashboard first.
  • Gravatar support
    The Bug Genie uses your gravatar if you have one. Save your email address and watch the gravatar load automatically. Unfortunately we haven’t added email verification yet, but this will be a natural step in a later release 😉

There you have it – a few tips. Have fun using alpha 3, and make sure you tell us what you like and what you miss 🙂


Written by Daniel André

August 31, 2010 at 15:04

Posted in The Bug Genie 3.0

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