Coming soon for The Bug Genie 2

With all the recent news about The Bug Genie 3, you may be thinking that not much has been going on in the 2.1 world. This is not the case, and there will be some exciting changes in the next update release, due out next month.

First of all, we have two new high quality translations; an updated Swedish translation courtesy of Johan from the forums, and thanks to jtprince we also have a brand new Hungarian translation, both of which will be included in 2.1.2.

Of course, there is the general assortment of bugfixes, with improvements in the installer (especially for Windows users who use IIS), fixes to the billboards system and other miscellaneous fixes. However something that will be of more interest in this department is MySQL STRICT mode compatibility!

My personal MySQL setup is using the most strict of MySQL setups (for those of you of a tecchie inclination, the exact sql-mode string contains most of the available options), and already issues to be fixed have been found. Hopefully this will fix yet another of the short list of longstanding issues with The Bug Genie.

We are pretty proud of the stability of The Bug Genie 2, and the much shorter list of bug reports is a testament to that. That’s why updates have been less frequent as of late. However this doesn’t mean that our work here is done! Keep reporting issues as you find them, and thank you for helping us improve The Bug Genie!

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