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Finally! Beta 3!

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We managed to take a great step up – complexity-wise – last night, as the features for creating, editing, copying and managing issue type schemes, workflows and workflow schemes was finally finished. Unfortunately I forgot to commit all my changes last night, so I will have to wait until I return home this evening to finish up the beta and release it.


With the much enhanced support for multiple projects in v3, and the recently added support for workflows with advanced configurations, several limitations in our implementation of issue types and issue types <-> fields settings were becoming more and more obvious. One of the biggest limitations was the fact that there was no way for a proejct to have one set of settings for its issue types and another project have its own settings. This has now been implemented by creating issue type schemes. The settings for whether or not an issue type can be reported or is at all available has now been put in a scheme, as have the settings for which issue fields are visible for any given issue type. This means you can have completely different configurations on a per-project basis, and several projects can still share configurations!

Similarly, as you may have seen with workflows, schemes have been added there as well. Schemes are how issue types relates to workflows, where one issue type will typically use one workflows, and other issue types may use other workflows. This support was also finished last night.

Finally, the restrictions for the default configurations has been implemented. That means you can no longer delete the default issue types, the default issue type scheme (this one is new), the default workflow or the default workflow scheme. This is of course to keep the bug genie working smoothly and reduce the chance of errors.

However, we’ve of course added support for copying and deleting schemes / workflows as you want, so you can still configure it to your liking – just not the default ones.


We will need to write a lot of documentation for all of this. We’ve dedicated time for this after the RC release, which should hopefully give us enough time to give you a solid documentation base.

Oh, and btw – after the release of this beta, we will launch an updated tracker on our own site, running v3 with data imported from the main site. If you want to be invited to a test run with that tracker, let me know!


Written by Daniel André

December 7, 2010 at 15:25

Posted in The Bug Genie 3.0

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