Try out our github support!

The Bug Genie 3 supports linking the tracker with your github projects, so you can update your issues in The Bug Genie from your github commits. This feature is ready to roll, but we really need it testing before we release, and this is where you come in!

If you would like to test out this great feature, please do and let us know about any issues you experience in your testing. This is how:

  1. Install The Bug Genie 3 from trunk. (beta 3 will not work)
  2. Create a project and some issues in it (for testing, remember their issue numbers!)
  3. Go to the VCS integration configuration page, and choose HTTP mode. You will also need to set a passkey for http access (NOTE: If you use The Bug Genie with other VCS systems, using the direct access method, these will need to be reconfigured to use HTTP access).
  4. Set the repository type for your project to Github, and enter anything in the URL box. Then enter your project name into the final box.
  5. In your Github project, set a post-receive hook to point to, replacing the hostname, path and passkey as appropriate. The project ID can be found on the project tab of VCS Integration configuration.
  6. Now you can try it out, using the exact same commit format as normal commits.

If you encounter issues or need help, just drop a line on the bugtracker or the forum and I will give you a hand. Also, please refer to the inbuilt wiki for further details.

Thank you for your help!

3 thoughts on “Try out our github support!

    1. Thanks!

      We have support for gitweb and cgit repository browsers, but there is currently no git hook available. In the coming days I will be updating the specification so one can be written, if you want to help out with that just let me know!

  1. Hi,
    Is there an updated version of this document? I am having some issues in getting this to work. However, before I start digging deeper into that, I would like to ensure that I am not following some obsolete instructions.

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