Version 2 arrangements post-3.0

For those of you on The Bug Genie 2, you may be wondering whats going to happen to this version of The Bug Genie after Version 3 comes out. This post hopes to make it all clearer.

Users still on The Bug Genie 2.0

You really should upgrade to 2.1! We no longer support The Bug Genie 2.0 and have not released any bugfix or security updates for a while now – and this includes no fix for the security flaw included in 2.1.2.

Users on The Bug Genie 2.1

I am planning to support this for 6 months after the release of The Bug Genie 3. This will include continued supply of bugfix and security updates. This will also give you time to wait till we upgrade the messaging and calendar modules for version 3, so you can continue to use a supported platform until the functionality exists to allow you to migrate.

Upcoming release

We are planning another bugfix release, 2.1.3. Unfortunately due to the sheer amount of resources being put into getting the final release of 3.0 out the door, I haven’t had time to work on this release, but a list of bugs to be fixed is finalized, and I am hoping to have an update out in February.

I would also like to apologise for the lack of updates and news on The Bug Genie 2.

If you have any questions, or want to comment on our proposed changes, please drop us a line over on the forum!

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