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The Bug Genie 3.0 Final RC

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Just minutes ago, we uploaded what we hope is the final Release Candidate to our download area. A huge number of issues has been fixed from RC1 -> RC4, and just RC3 -> RC4 has seen over 50 bugfixes and changes.

Luckily, most of the changes were minor and really not all that “important” from a functionality point of view – but we’ve put all our effort into making the 3.0 release a top-quality release. We’ve been using it on .com since RC3, and so far it has outdone even our most ambitious expectations. Stable, (relatively) fast and a lot easier to use than our 2.1 tracker, the 3.0 release has shaped up to be what we all hoped it would: A top-notch, more polished than ever release. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to keep our promise about non-backwards-compatible changes between the RCs. To be sure that you’re running smoothly, please contact us for information on how to upgrade your installations, wait for the separate news item, or pop by the live chat. We’re here to help.

On a related note, we’ve received well over 200 bug reports and enhancement requests since we started publishing the release candidates, and the testing effort done by our dedicated testing team has been outstanding (more on that in a separate news item)!

The Release Candidate we’ve put up now – RC4 – is good to go. Really – this should be stable enough to release as a final version. Prove us right.


Written by Daniel André

January 21, 2011 at 01:25

Posted in The Bug Genie 3.0

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