Version 3.0 issues and solutions

There have been a few issues reported with the installation and usage of the 3.0 version released recently. Most of the issues that have not been related to an issue in The Bug Genie itself relates to one of the two following system issues:

  • Outdated pcre (perl-compatible regular expressions) libraries
    On most platforms, PHP does not ship with its own set of pcre libraries, but will use system libraries where available. We’ve seen a number of issues where users trying to install The Bug Genie 3.0 on systems with outdated pcre libraries are experiencing problems with core functionality. These issues will be triggered by the regular expression searches in geshi (our included syntax highlighter) and in our own wiki parser. If you see errors regarding regular expressions, make sure you are using pcre libraries version >= 8.0 (f.ex.: some CentOS and RedHat server seems to ship with 2006 version 6.x, which will not work).
  • PHP optimizers
    Some servers are running PHP with optimizer modules such as the zend optimizer. One of the optimizing techniques used by the zend optimizer is to remove comments inside php files before they are compiled and ran on the server. Because The Bug Genie depends on docblock metadata for some operations, this kind of optimization will cause The Bug Genie to malfunction. This error can be noticed if you get error messages about missing class definition for foreign properties. The error also sometimes manifests itself as errors about trying to call methods on non-objects.

None of these errors are something we can fix. If you’re experiencing weird errors like the ones above, please try and disable any php optimizers running on your server, and / or update your pcre libraries, then try again.

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