Status update

So, last three weeks have been pretty busy, with the release of the 3.0 final version, the first bugfix update, and everything that follows with that.

We’ve had a lot more to do than usual – many more people to talk to, several people volunteering to do stuff here and there, and we’ve even managed to get a few people to write up some wiki articles!

We’ve more than tripled website traffic since the release (some days it’s 5x higher than “normal”), and both the forums and our live chat is more active than ever. We’re currently hard at work fixing issues being reported in our tracker, as well as constantly adding new stuff to our new website. We’ve integrated the v3 wiki into our new website (howto coming up), added a few more pages here and there, and in general tried to add more content to the wiki. If you haven’t visited there the last week, you should head over there right now 🙂

We’re not sure whether to go with 3.0.2 for the next update, or go 3.1. The next update will require an update process, so going for a point release might not be such a bad idea. One issue with that is that point releases often bring much new stuff with it, and so far we don’t have that much (host-less configuration – no more “the bug genie isn’t set up for this hostname”, and article commenting are the only two real new features so far), and we will be doing a lot of bugfixing as well. Oh well, time will tell.

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