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Multiple scopes, and hosted tracking

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One of the cool and not-so-used features of version 2 that was also continued on to version 3 is the feature called “scopes”.

The Bug Genie comes with the ability to run multiple self-contained environments responding on different hostnames, built-in. This feature – while not much advertised – was fully supported in v2, and was / is quite awesome. It allows you to run one installation of The Bug Genie, responding on several different hostnames, with completely separate content. Projects in one scope is completely unaware of projects in other scopes, and settings for one scope is completely unaffected by settings in another scope. This also allowed you to run trackers with completely different settings, themes, etc., all without having to install The Bug Genie more than once.

This is one of the features of The Bug Genie we would never let go. Although there is no interface in The Bug Genie for managing this feature, and the backend support for creating new scopes is lacking, The Bug Genie itself (also v3) completely support multiple scopes from the ground up. One of the main things that we’re focussing on for the next release is to complete this functionality, to allow you to set up one installation of The Bug Genie for several different purposes without having to manage them all separately.

Scopes in v3 will be taken to the next step from v2. If you used scopes in v2, you might have seen that there were scope admins and groups, but also that users in one scope were not available in other scopes, and that there were a few limitations. In v3 we’ve tried to remove most of these limitations and go for a new approach.

The main purpose for scopes in v3 is to act as a hosting environment. This means it will have settings to specify the number of allowed projects and users per scope; it will be possible to enable/disable the availability of modules on a scope-by-scope basis; file uploads can be enabled / disabled outside the scope, and more. This serves two main purposes… First of all, it gives us an awesome platform to provide hosted The Bug Genie installations for anyone interested in this service. Second, it allows you to do the same – internally or externally!

This is just a little glimpse of the scopes functionality we’re working on, and some of the ideas we have for it. We will keep you posted!


Written by Daniel André

February 26, 2011 at 00:02

Posted in The Bug Genie 3.1

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