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Quicksearch improvements

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3.0 has a quicksearch function. Well, kind of. It has a quicksearch bar that tells you to “search for anything here”, but basically all you can do is type an issue number and it will jump to it. Noooot something to write home about. Also, its visual appeal …. let’s just say it leaves a lot to be desired:

3.0 quicksearch leaves something to be desired

There are several issues here. First of all, the quicksearch is almost entirely unstyled – it looks … unfinished, out of place and … yeah, just not “right”. Second, it doesn’t really add much value. Sure, you can enter an issue number and quickly jump to it, but that’s all there is to it. You cannot see the state of the issue, what kind of issue it is, whether there are more issues similar to that issue, etc. So, while a nifty little tool, it’s not exactly the “quick search tool” it could be.

Of course, this needed improving, and in 3.1 we’ve addressed all these issues. First of all, the quick search area need some visual touch-ups. It doesn’t show you that it is searching (when it is searching), so this was added. It will now show an indicator inside the text field (to the far right) whenever the server is being queried. Secondly, the search results themselves doesn’t look right. As you can see in the screenshot above, the “Press “Enter”” text looks cut off – and it is – since the field height is less than the height of the content. GAH! So, let’s add a little more padding and love:Improved "press enter"As you can see from the screenshot, it now doesn’t look completely out of place. With a little padding and a drop-shadow it now actually looks quite nice.

So what about the content? In addition to the pure visual touchups we also wanted the quicksearch to function as a search field, not just an issue navigator – as well as the actual search results to contain more information, like “how many issues matched the query?”, “what is the state of the issues in the list?”, “what issue type is that issue?”, etc. So, this is the end result:

Much improved quicksearch in 3.1The quicksearch result now lets you see the issue type (indicated by the icon), the issue state (shown both by a “CLOSED” notification, and by greying out the issue in the list) and the number of issues found based on your query. If you just press enter, it will go to the project search page, and you can also navigate to the bottom to see the rest of the issues found matching your query. A minor speed improvement was also added with the quicksearch result now providing the direct url to the search result, so that when you select a result it will jump straight to it, instead of having to first re-query the search backend.

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Written by Daniel André

March 30, 2011 at 10:37

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