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New in 3.1: Check for new updates

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Its quite easy to have an out of date installation of The Bug Genie. We release updates periodically on our website, but if you don’t keep a frequent tab on the news then you may miss important security or bugfix updates. However this is about to change with inbuilt update checking.

Update check screenThe update check box, shown at the top of the configuration centre, has a single link. Clicking this downloads the latest version information from, in JSON format, and compares it to the built in version information. If your release is older than the data retrieved from the website, then a red box appears telling you to update. Otherwise you get a green box, as shown above, letting you know that all is well.

No personal information is sent during the check, and checking is not automatic (you check when you want to) – so we recommend you check frequently so you don’t miss any important updates.

For those of you interested in the server-side script, the output can be viewed at, and can be used in your own scripts should you feel the need to. ‘nicever’ is not used in the update check process, it is only used to show the latest version details in the popup.


Written by lsproc

April 16, 2011 at 19:38

Posted in The Bug Genie 3.1

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