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Updated anti-spam measures on the forums

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We have upgraded our anti-spam measures we use on the forums to help cut down on the number of spammy users and posts. While you don’t see the posts, due to a previous change, there is a lot of overhead for us to manually approve good and bad posts – and it also means that your perfectly legitimate threads and posts may take a while to appear, due to the approval system we have in place currently.

Now, we will automatically look up usernames, email addresses and IP addresses against the Stop Forum Spam database, and if a match is found then the user will be automatically banned.

If this does improve the situation, we may be able to lax our previous measures, but this all depends on how this new solution performs. On a similar note, therefore, if you are banned by the new system inadvertently, please contact us at, and we will reactivate your account and tweak the system.


Written by lsproc

May 8, 2011 at 18:24

Posted in Website

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