Coming soon to VCS Integration

For the next release of The Bug Genie 3, there will be some exciting improvements to the VCS Integration module. Here is a taste of what is up to come!

Improved setup and configuration

Setting up the module is a bit confusing at the moment, with project IDs being used which aren’t really visible, as well as it not being clear where the projects are set up. We will be moving the project-specific parts of VCS Integration to project configuration, allowing the access method and passkey to be set on a per-project basis, as well as improving the configuration so that  it is a lot clear what you need to do after typing in the boxes.

Better support for repository browsers

Setting up a repository browser is a bit confusing at the moment, with details split over three boxes, some of which don’t apply in all cases. We will be merging all the boxes into one for each kind of page to be viewed (index page, diff page etc.), with %placeholders% so that it is easier to set up the URLs. This also means that The Bug Genie will support any repository browser under the sun, as long as the fields are inputted correctly.

Better localization

A lot of users have requested that it should be possible to localise the words which The Bug Genie picks up. The pick-up words will now be user customisable, as well as supporting cases where no word is wanted at all. Picking up of issue mentions will become better too thanks to some new API functions.

Not just commits that apply to issues!

VCS Integration will also (optionally) pick up ALL commits. This means on the project commits page, you can see a list of all commits ever made to the repository (since setting up). This isn’t quite inbuilt repository browsing, but it will help with keeping track of things. This will also mean database changes, but an added bonus is users of Gitorious will be able to have commit boxes displayed on their issue, as data will no longer be stored in the database on the basis of file changes – instead commits.

Hopefully this should give you a taste of what is to come. Along with fixing any bugs (there is one with Git we are meaning to look at), this should help improve this slightly unloved feature of The Bug Genie. Thanks to all who have suggested improvements!

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