VCS Integration redux

Following my previous post, all the proposed changes to VCS Integration have been made, and this means some important changes for you upon the release of The Bug Genie 3.2:

  • Upon upgrading, the module will be disabled until you upgrade its database from module config. This will be made clear to you, in the mean time commits can’t be checked in.
  • Your hooks will need reconfiguring. We are now using the project key instead of the project ID, so minor changes to your hooks will be necessary. This is simply a matter of replacing a number with a word, project keys are visible in the projects list in configuration. As a note to those who want to try out the latest code from next, due to an unrelated issue, the direct access method (via tbg_cli) still uses ID-based access, even though it says to use the key.

The upgrade process is necessary due to various database changes we have made. The script will import all your old commits, and set the new settings so that they match the previous configuration. You can, afterwards, go through and alter the projects to take advantage of the new features – such as different access methods for different projects.

The script will import all projects which had VCS Integration enabled beforehand to have it on for issue-affecting commits only, all with the same access method and (if using the HTTP method), the same passkey. The URLs for each project will be imported from the old settings.

Testers wanted! If you want to give this a try, feel free to check out the next branch from github and give it a go! There are probably some loose-ends to tie, so please let us know if you find any problems.

What else is new? Naturally, quite a few problems were found in the main code, which were fixed. One of most note to those of you who use the inbuilt scrum support was a bug where anyone can change the scrum colours. This has now been fixed, and only those who have permission to edit issues can have this magical power.

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