Another permissions-related release

It seems we missed a little detail with the permissions cleanup starting in 3.1.1. The permissions fixes applied there were meant to make all of.your lives a bit easier, but has instead ended up giving some of you a massive headache. We apologize.

We’re releasing 3.1.3 later this weekend to resolve a permissions issue making installations running in restrictive mode not so restrictive after all. This bug gave project access to people not supposed to see certain projects, and subsequently project wiki and project issue access as well.

This, obviously, can be a bit of a hassle when you’re upgrading to a minor release. We’re a small team, but bugs like this should never occur. For those of you unable to wait for the release, pull in this git commit for the fix:

Let us know if you want to help out making thebuggenie rock even more in the future!

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