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Improving project organisation

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The second of a two part improvement to project organisation in The Bug Genie 3 has just been committed to Github, so here is a quick update so you know what’s new.


If you have come over from the Redmine world, this feature will be familiar (and possibly well missed!) We have had feedback where, with large numbers of projects, things can be a bit more difficult to manage. Subproject support should go some way to resolving this.

When a project is marked as a subproject of another, it will not be shown in the projects list; but if its directly beneath a project which is, a small link will be added. Projects further down will not be shown at all until you navigate downwards.

The breadcrumb bar will also consider the hierarchy, so you can navigate downwards though the tree of projects. You can also use the drop downs on breadcrumb items to view other projects at the same level. Alternatively, sub projects of a given project can be shown on the project’s dashboard.

A project can be made a subproject of another from the configuration of the project which is to become a subproject. We try to avoid cases where a cycle would be made (i.e. if project A has a subproject called B, then we won’t include project B being in the list of possible projects to make project A a subproject of), though if one is made this will be handled.

Archived projects

Another (sadly somewhat unexciting) feature to aid organisation is the also much requested archive support. An archived project will be made completely read only, overriding all permissions (though, you can restrict who has read access to a project, and this will still apply). This read-onlyness will apply to issues and the wiki also, but an administrator can still alter the read permissions of an archived project, as well as deleting or unarchiving it.

Archived projects are also not shown in project lists, unless you click a link to view the archived ones. This means you can use the archive feature to hide away old projects. Please note that while sub projects will not be affected by this, as sub projects are not shown on project lists anyway, it may make it harder to access sub projects of an archived project.

A rather unknown part of the Scopes feature is the ability to limit the number of projects that can exist in a scope. If you use this feature, please note that archived projects will not count towards this limit.


Written by lsproc

August 7, 2011 at 16:51

Posted in The Bug Genie 3.2

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