Version 3.2 Release Candidate out!

Finally! After quite the delay since the latest beta (beta 4), we’ve finally released the 3.2 release candidate. The 3.2 release is our best release ever, with so much new and good stuff it’s not even funny. If you haven’t already tried it out, you absolutely should!

Highlights, you say? Too much for a minor blog post, I say! One of the things you’ll notice immediately, though, is that we’ve given the entire application a much more modern and visually appealing look. The underlying database layer is significantly faster and more reliable, caching is enabled, and we’ve added features and fixed bugs in every part of The Bug Genie.

All we can say is – please, pretty please with sugar on top, go download the release candidate now, and help us make it the most stable release so far.

7 thoughts on “Version 3.2 Release Candidate out!

  1. Will there be a migration available from the RC to a stable version (you’ve said it won’t be for the Betas). If yes, I’m installing it immediatelly on our production helpdesk.

    1. We will support migrations assuming you’ve installed / upgraded to RC 4 or later. If there are any specific steps needed to be taken from RC 4 -> final, we’ll list them in the UPGRADE file distributed with the final version.

  2. Awesome… good to know you guys are going to support upgrade from rc4. I had the beta4 installed. I’m going to install the latest version and test it. We use BG as our internal ticket system and it rocks. We love it.

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