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The Bug Genie 3.2 is out!

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If you’re not following us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+, you could be excused for not noticing, but we just released the final version 3.2! No more beta, no more release candidate – just the final, real thing.

Get it, here:, and tell us what you think!


Written by Daniel André

April 26, 2012 at 22:23

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4 Responses

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  1. What happens if my “installed” file is incorrectly reporting that I have version 3.0, when in fact I have version 3.1.5 installed?

    Steve Pye (@spye)

    April 27, 2012 at 01:53

    • I don’t know what more I can do. That issue is mentioned *everywhere*, and the solution is to change it to 3.1 instead.


      April 27, 2012 at 06:33

      • haha, just a thought but maybe you need to put that text in red! That would make it stand out maybe.


        April 30, 2012 at 12:33

  2. Very nice job Guys 🙂

    Joseph BERTHE

    June 13, 2012 at 10:14

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