New websites

Today our brand new websites, and has finally gone public. This has been one of the main reasons the upcoming 3.3 release has dragged on, since we wanted to have a new and stable environment to support us going forward.

With our new website, we can finally put some more effort behind some long outstanding community contributions, such as the excellent translation job done in our translation team, highlight select contributions, and do more with our code repository.

Our brand new website fleshes out the functionality found on our old website, but also adds some long-awaited features such as an online, up-to-date, searchable knowledge base, training courses and a new account management panel for all our hosted customers.

It may still take a little while for the DNS pointers to update, but we do hope you like what we’ve done. Either way, please let us know via comments here, or via email:

2 thoughts on “New websites

  1. The new site looks great (once I cleared my cache)! Very professional looking and beautifully organized with lots of great pictures.

    I noticed just three things that could make the user experience even better.

    1) Make the top menu bars of the three different site areas — commercial, community, and forum — cross fade into each other (using Ajax?) to allow users to see the transition from one button set to another taking place. Right now the buttons instantly change name and position, making the transition to these site areas rather jarring. Alternatively, add a second row of primary navigation buttons so that they remain the same in all three site areas.

    1A) Really minor idea, but since you’re now using the top blue-bar background for the community site area, why not also use it in the community forum (along with the community navigation buttons) since it is part of the community section of the site?

    2) I had to hunt around for the News section. Perhaps like on the wiki pages, a TOC like box could be added the Discover page to let users know at the top of this page that there is a News section below?

    3) There is no direct link to the There is a link from the Get Involved page to the wiki: Online documentation. Given the site is about The Bug Genie, a prominent link to The Bug Genie’s Bug Genie seems like a must have :~)

    I hope you do get a lot of new paying customers, and thanks for all the hard work making a really great new site for the Bug Genie! Cheers! David Matson

    1. Just noticed the News section is not on the Discover link. Instead, you have to click from the community section to the commercial section — Training or Hosted — and then click on the Community button there to get to the News section. The Community webpage has no top-navigation button in the community section of the website, and, as a result, lacks the top navigation-button color change to indicate the title of the current webpage. Perhaps the Community button could be added to the community navigation button bar as the last button?

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