3.2 beta release

Just a little headsup that we are closing in on the first 3.2 beta version. Right now we’re finishing up the upgrade functionality (upgrades can be performed either from 3.0.x or 3.1.x), and adding a bit more spit and polish. We will be fixing a lot of smaller bugs as soon as the final polishing is done for the newest features, and then we’re ready to release.

When we release the 3.2 beta, anything goes. Please report any and all issues you find, whether it is upgrade issues, usage issues, installation issues, or anything else that you can trigger. Do your best – break it, and break it hard.

Just to add even more fun into the mix, we’re also adding experimental support for microsoft sql server in the 3.2 beta. If any of you are running with an ms sql server and want to give us a hand testing it out, please file issues against this as soon as you can.

Oh yeah, you probably want a date, too. October 15th.

Update: A lot of effort was made, trying to finish up the caspar framework refactoring in time for the beta release, but unfortunately it is not possible. Because of this, the beta release is being pushed back two weeks, to October 29th. Thanks for your patience.


More 3.2 improvements

To get you even more excited for the upcoming 3.2 release, we wanted to share a few highlights from all the work being done on the next version. We’ve ripped into so many pieces around the entire system, there is hardly anything left untouched – an exciting and scary feeling for a point release (3.1 -> 3.2). We could just as well have pulled “a Mozilla” and called it 3.5, but for the sake of our own (and your) sanity, 3.2 it is 🙂

So, what are all these highlights, I hear you whisper in the corners. Read on to get a glimpse!

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Issue details improvements

One of the main areas of focus for 3.2 is improvements in usability and general appearance. We’ve added some new style elements, and are going through all the different areas of The Bug Genie, applying the new style elements where appropriate. These new style elements go far beyond mere looks, however, and whenever we can, we do a functional review of the area we’re working on and try to find things to improve. One of the latest pages to see some style and usability improvements is the issue details page. This page is usually where you spend most of your time, so anything we can do to help here is time well spent. Here is a summary of the changes we’ve made to this page.

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3.2 features video previews


We’ve posted up some videos with early previews of some upcoming functionality for our 3.2 release. The videos show off

  • The new project dashboard, per-project configurable and customizable just like the user dashboard
  • Project settings styled in the new project layout look
  • Early preview of the download / release / release center functionality planned for inclusion in 3.2

For your viewing pleasure!

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Font Fun

One of the plans in The Bug Genie 3.2 is a new font, which will improve clarity as well as improve support for italic characters and foreign scripts. We want to get stuff right, so we have switched the website over to one of the candidate fonts, Google’s Open Sans, and we would very much like to get your feedback.

Please feel free to drop us a line on IRC, forums or via the email – we’d love to know your opinion on this new font. We would especially like to know if you find it more or less readable and pleasant – as clearly the font’s going to be a disaster if you can’t read it!

3.2 improvements

We’re about half-way through the 3.2 development cycle, and it’s starting to become apparent what kind of changes you can expect from the upcoming release. We’ve settled on quite a few features to be included, and even though several of these features haven’t seen any development yet, we’re excited to share with you some of the already completed features and changes. Here are a few highlights of what have been going on in the 3.2 development branch the last few months:

  • Project dashboard reorganization
    We love our project dashboard and project-sections, but there is huge room for improvements. The 3.2 version has seen and is continuously seeing huge improvements and drastic changes in these areas. The main dashboard has already gotten a big facelift, and some of the new functionality we’re working on will have a much more prominent place in this new layout. We don’t want to give it all away just yet, so expect more news related to this 😉
  • Focusing on your projects
    The projects are receiving a lot of love these days. We’re including functionality to better manage your project setup (editions and components); we’ve added support for subprojects to better organize your existing projects; we’re adding much improved release functionality and redesigning the way editions, components and releases work. Project permissions have largely been fixed in our latest releases, but we still have a thorough inspection and fixup planned for project permissions to behave in an expected way and maybe even reduce the complexity.
  • Search improvements
    The main search has also seen some new functionality. You can now sort on the table headers in search results, and you can show / hide columns in the search results to better find the information you need. Also to come is bulk editing functionality, as well as a few other treats.

The list above is far from extensive and far, far from a complete list of changes gone into the 3.2 release. And we still have a lot of stuff on our plates – incoming email support, fully functional LDAP authentication support, support for HTTP auth, bulk editing (as mentioned above), file upload and download functionality for projects and a lot more.

As always, we’re constantly looking for people willing to contribute to the bug genie on a regular or random basis. If you’re familiar with php, html/css or UI / UX design, don’t hesitate to get in touch!