The Bug Genie 4.2 released!

The Bug Genie version 4.2 is now available, with unified theme, project templates and improved user onboarding.

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Planning your moves

The first public beta for The Bug Genie 4 is almost ready to roll. There is a few more items to polish and a little more bugfixing to do – but we’re getting there, one small step at a time.

The last remaining major feature in version 4 is the rewritten planning mode. The planning mode will support agile teams using Scrum or Kanban, as well as a generic mode. This includes planning, reviews and a whiteboard mode, which is quite a lot more than the fairly decent plan mode we have available in version 3.2.

So, without any further delays, let me introduce the brand new plan mode for version 4.0, and a sneak preview of the still unfinished whiteboard.

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Composing standards

This post may be fairly technical, but considering the main target of a bug tracking and project management software suite, I think you will all do just fine.

The Bug Genie is an “old” project – when it comes to code, some of the concepts used and when it comes to people. By people I mean old people, like your eccentric grandmother who only brushes her teeth on Wednesdays and smells like rosemary. In a good way of course, The Bug Genie is like that. The codebase for the current release version of The Bug Genie was started at a time before there were established PHP coding standards and best practices. Before Github, Composer and many other frameworks were even available, before PHP 5.3 was released there was The Bug Genie.

What am I getting at? Read on for more details.

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Dashboards: new and improved!

“New and improved” is one of my favourite slogans. How can something be improved if it is new? Sure, I understand what they mean, but you simply can’t have both. The dashboards in 3.3, however, are both new and improved. Promise.

Dashboards are the widget-based overview pages you can set up for your own homepage and project landing pages in The Bug Genie. They contain various tidbits of information, such as “recent activity”, download links, live statistics and more.

Wanna see how they’re new and improved? Hit the break for more information.

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Improving interactions with mentions

Aaaaaand we’re back. We hope you’ve liked the changes announced for the wiki and issue view already, but today we’re showing off another awesome feature in 3.3 that will likely change your issue tracking workflow for the better: @mention support!

If you’ve used twitter, facebook or any other social application in the past few years, you’ve no doubt seen support for mentioning users by typing an “@”, followed by the username. Read on to see how the @mention support will make interacting with other users in The Bug Genie easier!

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Wiki editing improvements

Hi, everyone.

Most of you have used the wiki in some form or another. Whether you use it or not, a wiki can be an invaluable tool when it comes to organising project documentation, articles, files and a lot more. Having good wiki tools available is really important, and 3.3 will finally bring the suite of wiki tools up to par with the rest of the system.

So, let’s have a look at how wiki editing is improved in the 3.3 version, compared to 3.2, shall we?

(for an in-depth look at the new syntax and functionality, see the previous article about wiki improvements)

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Interface improvements for the issue view

One of our main goals with The Bug Genie is to make your life easier when tracking issues. To achieve this, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve. Closing in on the beta release for 3.3, we’re fine-tuning our final adjustments in the issue view, and wanted to share with you how this has been changed between the current release and the upcoming 3.3 release.

Read on for more details!

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New websites

Today our brand new websites, and has finally gone public. This has been one of the main reasons the upcoming 3.3 release has dragged on, since we wanted to have a new and stable environment to support us going forward.

With our new website, we can finally put some more effort behind some long outstanding community contributions, such as the excellent translation job done in our translation team, highlight select contributions, and do more with our code repository.

Our brand new website fleshes out the functionality found on our old website, but also adds some long-awaited features such as an online, up-to-date, searchable knowledge base, training courses and a new account management panel for all our hosted customers.

It may still take a little while for the DNS pointers to update, but we do hope you like what we’ve done. Either way, please let us know via comments here, or via email: